Terms and Conditions

mymarket19® is only a platform to connect the seller/distributer/dealer and the buyer.

The responsibility to maintain the standard of quality, quantity and expiry of items that are being distributed through mymarket19® solely lies with the dealer and mymarket19® does not take any part in the same. 

mymarket19® does not accept the payments from the customers and the payments are to be made by the customers directly to the seller/distributer/dealer via Cash-On-Delivery or nay payment method that seller/distributer/dealer accepts.

The price and warranty and/or the guarantee of the items that are being sold, falls on the seller/distributer/dealer only and not on mymarket19®. 

mymarket19® does not sell any of the items and the local seller/distributer/dealer of the region sells in the designated areas or locality. 
mymarket19® does not permit to sell any unauthorized items (as stipulated by any competent government authorities time to time) or illegally obtained items or any items that can harm the mankind, animals, birds and the environment. 

Any failure in delivery of items within the stipulated timeframe will be of the responsibility of the dealer and will be marked against. 
Any order that is not delivered within forty eight hours will be classified as ‘Failed Delivery’ which cannot be re-attempted.

The seller/distributer/dealer will be solely responsible to address and solve the complaints raise by the customers.

Any complaints aganist seller may be directed to complaint@mymarket19.com and will be attend to, in twenty-four hours
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